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Name: Victory
Tel: 0595-22451955
Add: Shudou Industrial Area, Changtai, Licheng District, Quanzhou City, Fujian Province, China

Guda produces all series Wheel nut by premium quality raw materials and advanced technology.


1. Grade 8, Grade 10
 2. Material: 40Cr (ASTM 5140)
 3. Surface: Black Oxide, Grey Phosphated, Zinc Galvanized, Dacromet
 4. Performance: Hardness=HRC28-32.
* Revolving Wheel Nut (Wheel Nut with Trust Plate)
* Wheel Nut with Trust plate and Short/Long Sleeve for Alloy Wheels.
* Inner Nut & Outer Nut
* Hex Nut
* Long Nut for U Bolt
* Flange Nut
* Drum Nut
* Spherical Nut
* Flat Nut
* Chromed Lug Nut

5. Our models range for following main vehicles:
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